Sport plays a key role in delivering the School’s mission creating a stimulating supportive and ambitious environment which develops young people and their sport skills to the highest possible level. A Sporting Pathway runs right through the school building and enriching the sports skills of our pupils aged 3-18 years.

There is a strong culture of sport and physical activity throughout the school. In the early years key physical literacy skills are developed forming a strong base for a wide range of sporting experiences throughout their time at school and beyond. We have a nationally recognised and accredited daily physical activity programme delivered through our Junior Start team.

Junior Start Physical Activity Programme

Sport in Junior Start is the first step in our Beaconhurst Sporting Pathways which runs right through the school from pupils aged 3 to 18. At this crucial stage we are looking to develop the correct movement patterns in our young pupils so that we can build and develop these skills as they progress through the school. In 2012 all Junior Start staff completed a newly accredited national qualification in fundamental movement skills. This newly devised qualification has provided the staff with the skills and confidence to deliver movement skills. Our daily physical activity programme in Junior Start is an exciting new venture which is probably the first of its kind in Scotland.

Junior Sports Clubs

Junior Sports Clubs have been established throughout Junior School to develop key physical literacy skills and at the same time introduce pupils to a wide range of sporting activities. Each week the session will focus on a different element of movement running, hopping, jumping, catching, throwing and will incorporate this into a different sport each week. The sessions will develop skills in a progressive manner through a fun games based approach.

Within the wide array of sporting experiences offered at Beaconhurst pupils will be introduced to the schools ‘Beacon’sports in Junior School. Within these sports there are structured programmes of development which run throughout the whole school and link with National Governing Body programmes and initiatives.


Tennis is one of our key sports at Beaconhurst. There is a progressive pathway which runs throughout the school and develops the skills and abilities of young players. Tennis is offered as part of the school physical education curriculum and from Junior 1 all pupils will have had an experience of taking part in the sport. Alongside this, there is provision of an extracurricular tennis club which offers lots of opportunities for pupils to further develop their skills and gain some match play experience.

From Junior Start pupils can join Beaconhurst Tennis Club. At this early stage, an opportunity to develop movement and co-ordination skills with a specific emphasis on tennis remains the focus. This sound base provides a great starting point to further develop tennis specific skills later in the school.

From Junior 2 – Junior 4 there is a separate club session and for all Junior club members there is an opportunity to come along to a weekly sponge ball match play session. Our school programme is supported through the national governing body of sport Tennis Scotland. Our involvement with the national body supports our grassroots development in Junior school and offers an opportunity to support young players who show potential in tennis in early years. A development squad has been established specifically to target small groups of pupils who show potential in their sport. Pupils who show potential in tennis may be offered a tennis scholarship. These will be offered in conjunction with the national governing body of sport, Tennis Scotland. Pupils who become tennis scholars will join the National Academy programme which is run at the National Tennis Centre. These athletes will be offered greater levels of support and academic flexibility to allow them to take part in sport at the highest level while at the same time continue to achieve academically.


Triathlon is one of our key sports at Beaconhurst. There is a progressive pathway which runs throughout the school and develops the skills and abilities of young pupils. The 3 components of triathlon which include swimming, cycling and running are offered as part of the school physical education curriculum and from Junior 3 all pupils will have had an experience of taking part in the sport. Alongside this, there is provision of an extracurricular triathlon club which offers lots of opportunities for pupils to further develop their skills and gain some competitive experience.

Pupils who show strong levels of commitment to the sport will be invited to take part in a number of triathlon events run by Stirling Triathlon Club. A performance club session is offered to pupils in Senior school who are looking to further refine their skills and develop high levels of sporting performance. Academic flexibility is
offered and pupils are supported in balancing their training and studies.

At the highest level of performance athletes who show exceptional promise and have been selected by Triathlon Scotland may be offered a triathlon scholarship. These athletes will be offered greater levels of support and academic flexibility to allow them to take part in sport at the highest level while at the same time continue to achieve academically.


Golf is a key sport at Beaconhurst. A junior development programme is offered to pupils in addition to a high level golf scholarship programme. Talented performers are serviced through top level coaching delivered at the Golf Academy at the University of Stirling.

The school has a strong commitment to team sport and our main participation team sport in school is hockey. Over 50% of our pupils are offered opportunities to represent the school in team sport and weekly Saturday fixtures are played alongside annual Scottish Schools events.


Hockey is the main team sport offered at Beaconhurst. It is incorporated into the physical education curriculum from Junior 3. At this stage a form of mini hockey is taught which develops basic skills and tactics with modified equipment and small sided conditioned games. In Junior 6 hockey forms part of the Beaconhurst games programme and pupils receive a double period of hockey in addition to their physical education lesson each week. This is provided throughout the school to Senior 6.

For girls, the Transition year offers opportunities to represent the school at hockey. Small sided 8-aside games provide an ideal introduction into the competitive environment. This is continued into Senior 1 where girls continue to play 8-aside games on a small sided pitch.

In Seniors 2 and 3 both girls and boys can be selected to represent the school in under 14 squads. These teams have regular fixtures with a number of schools. In Seniors 4, 5 and 6 Beaconhurst have a 1st and 2nd XI team for both boys and girls. Ability, effort and commitment form the basis for the selection into senior squads.

A coach mentoring scheme has been developed in partnership with the University of Stirling to support hockey provision at Beaconhurst.

The supportive ethos in the school encourages all children to get involved in sport in many different capacities. Many pupils are involved in leadership and development awards underpinning and supporting grassroots developments in the school.

Sports Leadership and Volunteering opportunities at Beaconhurst

Pupils at Beaconhurst are given many opportunities to volunteer in sport during their time at school. Pupils are also encouraged to enrich academic curriculum vitae through involvement in a number of vocational awards. These include leadership awards in a wide range of sports, fitness and lifeguarding activities. To supplement these experiences pupils are encouraged to get involved in supporting school sports events such as sports days, swimming galas, triathlon races, tennis tournaments and festivals of sport. Senior pupils in the school lead sports clubs and some have taken responsibility for organising and leading junior school festivals of sport.

All of our pupils have membership to world class sports facilities and through our partnership with the University of Stirling have 52 weeks of the year’s access to the best sports facilities located on a single campus in Scotland.

Excellence in Volunteering

Beaconhurst pupils are supported through the University of Stirling Excellence in Volunteering Award. Senior pupils have the opportunity to combine this experience as part of the school curriculum in years 5 and 6.

University of Stirling

  • Access to state of the art sports facilities each day for physical education and sports clubs
  • A yearly sports facility membership at Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence allowing access to sports facilities and an array of classes both in school term time and holidays.
  • In-service training for teachers and coaches to ensure that delivery is in line with current research and good practise
  • Opportunities for pupils to gain coaching and leadership qualifications through vocational awards – E.g. Fitness Leader Awards, Tennis Leader Awards, Pool Lifeguard Qualifications, LEAD 2014.
  • Opportunities to follow an Excellence in Volunteering certificate as part of the senior school timetable
  • Student coaches and teachers deliver extra-curricular clubs and sports festivals and events
  • Links with national governing bodies of sport and University scholarship squads to support high level performance sport.

There is an opportunity to try a wide range of activities during your time at Beaconhurst School. Every evening after school a wide range of activities are on offer. Whether it is to develop a sound performance base, develop a lifelong love of participation or get involved in coaching or leading activities your education at Beaconhurst will give you the best possible start to a rewarding life-long sporting journey.


Swimming is taught throughout both the junior and senior school physical education curriculum. A Beaconhurst team has been established which offers opportunities for pupils to represent the school at both local and national events. Within the school an annual swimming gala is offered to the whole school encouraging maximum participation in the sport.


Gymnastics helps children build a range of motor and coordination skills and assists in developing a good sense of body awareness. It enhances physical literacy and forms a great foundation for future skill development. Our school gymnastics club aims to develop a range of skills across floor, beam and vault. The children will refine basic skills, be introduced to some more challenging skills and are encouraged to try a range of different gymnastics disciplines.


This club runs in the summer term and introduces children to a range of different athletic disciplines and allow them to practise and refine their techniques. Led by athletics coaches at the University of Stirling, the six week block will culminate in a mini athletics championships combining both age groups together for the 2 hour session.


A typical foil class consists of a warm-up game then footwork and blade work training. The class is usually concluded with a fencing competition where pupils take on the roles of referee and judges.


Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial art and can be described as the scientific use of the body for self defence. Taekwon-Do has a structured training schedule to allow all students to achieve their potential. There is an internationally recognised grading system which allows each student to train towards achieving a higher rank signified by the colour of belt that the student will wear. Gradings are held regularly at designated Grading centres. Notice of Gradings will be given in written form outlining the date, venue, and cost. The Beaconhurst Club Instructor is Ms Liane Rooney. She is a former World and European Taekwon-Do Champion. She currently holds the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt and is the current Female Coach for the Scottish National Team. A full time professional Instructor for over 17 years, Liane is one of the most successful and qualified Taekwon-Do coaches in Scotland.

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