Junior School Swimming Gala

Thursday 6th February 1.30pm to 3.00pm, University of Stirling National Swimming Academy

1.30pm-1.45pm-          Junior 1 and Junior 2 Swim badges.

1.45pm- 3pm      25m Back Crawl.

                             25m Breast Stroke.

                             25m Front Crawl.

All strokes will be completed in the following order.

Heats                 J4 Girls

                              J5 Girls

                             J6 Girls

                             J6 Boys

Finals            J3 Girls

                             J3 Boys

                             J4 Girls

                             J4 Boys

                             J5 Girls

                             J5 Boys

                             J6 Girls

                             J6 Boys

Presentation of Results

Medals will be presented by Headmaster, Mr John Owen, accompanied by our Senior Swimming Performance Athlete, and Commonwealth Baton Barer nominee, Jamie Eason (S4).

Beaconhurst pupils have been working tremendously hard over the last few weeks of swimming. Their effort, focus and drive to learn and develop has been admirable and we hope you have enjoyed watching their fantastic performance this afternoon.

Thank you to staff, parents and volunteers for their support in this event.

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