School Fees

Junior and Senior School Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are set by the Board of Governors in June for the following Academic Session commencing in August. For the Academic Session 2017-2018 Tuition Fees please click here.

Beaconhurst does not charge separately for text/manuscript books, After School Provision from J3-S6 or for many of the extra-curricular activities and academic support or enrichment sessions available for pupils to attend. There is a free Breakfast Club from 8.00am for Junior and Senior School pupils. In addition, all Beaconhurst School pupils receive, free of charge, an annual membership to the state of the art sports facilities at the University of Stirling – Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence.

School Lunch Service and Fees

At Beaconhurst we believe strongly in the importance of a nutritious lunch and the social benefits gained from pupils sitting down together for lunch. This is therefore a mandatory part of our service. All pupils are therefore provided with a 3 course lunch in the dining hall and the cost of this is automatically included within the invoice along with tuition fees issued at the start of each term. Please refer to our fee schedule for current lunch charges.

Beaconhurst works in partnership with its catering contractor Sodexo to ensure the excellent quality of our lunch service and we are together continually seeking to maintain and improve this service.

We have successfully been accredited with the Food For Life “silver” Award. For further details please click here.

For a sample weekly menu please click here. Any special dietary requirements should be discussed with the school.


Examination Fees
Examination fees incurred by the School on behalf of a pupil for examinations such as SQA. These will normally be included in the Summer Term Invoice for pupils in examination years. The level of the charge will vary with the type and number of examinations. For further details or clarification, please contact the school.

Life Membership of the Beaconhurst Alumni Association
All pupils will become life members of the Beaconhurst Alumni Association on leaving the Senior School. There is a one-off administration charge for this – details of which can be found in our Fee Schedule. This will be included in the final invoice issued by the school.  If your child does not wish to become a member of the Alumni Association, please contact the school office in writing by the end of the Summer term.

Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance is undertaken by the school for all pupils. Cover is provided worldwide, 365 days per annum and 24 hours per day. The cost of this will automatically be included with the Autumn Term Fee Invoice. Should you wish to opt out of this please confirm this in writing to the Bursar.

School Trips
During the year there are a number of class trips where the entire class is expected to attend. These trips will relate to the class work being covered and it is therefore mandatory that all pupils attend. A small charge will be made to cover costs incurred such as transport or entrance fees.

There are also optional trips, which cover a wide range of activities depending on year group and areas of interest. An estimated charge for all trips will be provided for parents to consider prior to giving consent. In making every effort to minimise the cost of trips, the School seeks only to recover the costs incurred in providing such trips. Please be aware that following consent, any costs already incurred by the school will not be refundable due to illness etc.



Nursery Fees can be found within our fee schedule – please click here.

Our Nursery Fees include basic early years education and additional premium service provided within our award-winning Nursery.

Light snacks during the day and a nutritional lunch prepared by our in-house team of chefs is provided free of charge. The Nursery children are served lunch in the school dining hall at the start of the lunch service. We see this as a gentle introduction to life at school helping to aid the transition into Junior School when that time comes.

Incidentals will be charged in arrears and within the invoice at the start of the following term. Incidental charges may be incurred in respect of trips and additional hours attendance.

Stirling Council Partnership Funding

Beaconhurst Nursery has been awarded Partnership Status by Stirling Council – “The Early Years Partnership”. This status is awarded on an annual basis and therefore funding is not guaranteed. Please note that if you qualify for the funding, the amount received from the Council does not fully cover the Nursery Fees for each session, which is a 5 hour period.

Child Care Vouchers

Child Care Vouchers can be used to pay for all or part of the cost of Nursery care. As stipulated by HMRC, Child Care Vouchers can be used only to pay for care and for example could not be used to pay for incidental charges in respect of trips. Please note that Child Care Vouchers may also be used to pay for After School Charges in respect of Junior 1 and 2 pupils attending After School Care.

Payment of Nursery Fees

Our Nursery operates on a term time only basis. Nursery Fees are invoiced at the same time as the termly school fees in advance. Parents are asked to confirm sessions to be attended on a termly basis, prior to the end of the previous school term or as soon as pupils have accepted their place. Each invoice will include all of the sessions to be attended for the relevant term (Autumn, Spring and Summer).

Fees may either be paid by direct debit, which is our preferred method of collection, or prior to the first day of term. If direct debit is the chosen method of payment, in line with our direct debit collection policy throughout the school, collection will commence 1 August prior to the start of the term and will continue for 12 months with the final collection being 1 July.


Advance Fee Discounts and Tax Efficient Payment of Fees

Advance Fee Discount
Advance fees allow parents to fix the cost of school fees by fixing into the level of tuition fees and lunches prevailing at the time of the payment of the Advance Fee, thus avoiding any future fee increases. Advance fees must be received by the start of the Summer term in the academic session preceding the first year for which the payment is to be applied to. Advance fees can be paid for as many years as you wish, from 1 year to the entire remaining school career of your child. Please contact the school for details as there may be an additional discount available if paying 3 or more years, which may offer a favourable opportunity for the fee payer.  Please note that in the event that a pupil was no longer attending the school any non-utilised advance fees payment would be repaid in full at the rate at which it was paid.

Tax Efficient Payment of School Fees
There are various professional advisers who have developed educational cost planning to help reduce the cost of school fees. This planning is suitable for grandparents who own their own company and who wish to pay or contribute to the cost of an independent education. For further information please make an appointment with the Bursar for details of the planning and appropriate professional advisers.

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