Modern Languages & Internationalism

The unique Beaconhurst languages pathway ensures that pupils study two languages from Junior 4 through to the end of Senior 2. Pupils begin to learn French in Nursery and, in Junior 4, Spanish is introduced. Pupils switch from Spanish to German in Junior 6 and in Senior 2 they then select the two languages they wish to continue to study until subject choices for S3.

The Department is characterised by its clear academic ethos. Pupils enjoy a thorough programme of study of language, literature and culture. Pupils take at least one language, but often two, to Scottish SQA National 5 with many continuing to take Higher and Advanced Higher.

In Transition pupils begin the formal process of reading and writing the language, embarking on a full programme of the study of the language and its grammar. Writing develops from short notes initially to substantial essays in S5/6. Reading is both for information and for pleasure; as pupils mature there is an emphasis on reading more copiously and more independently. Listening and speaking skills are very important and pupils carry through from the Primary School the benefits of early exposure to the sound world of French, German and Spanish.

Trips are organised on a regular basis to both France and Germany, and we have made links with schools in France, Germany and Spain through our Round Square membership.  We have close ties to the French and German Institutes in Glasgow and Edinburgh and the German Consul General has made several visits to the school.

Business and political leaders, both in Britain and around the world, continue to cry out for young people with good language skills in the main languages of Europe. Beaconhurst provides its pupils with exactly the kind of training which these future employers are looking for. Beaconhurst linguists can leave us with skills for life (among which is the ability to learn another language) and with a rigorous academic training which will stand scrutiny should they study languages at university. Careers beckon in business, in the civil or foreign service and in academia.

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