Beaconhurst’s Humanities department covers the subjects of Geography, History and Modern Studies. Although each one is very different in content, there is common ground with regards to each subject encouraging a clearer, more perceptive and knowledgeable understanding of the ever-changing world around us.

Geography aims to ensure that pupils have the fullest knowledge and understanding of their human and physical environments, at a wide variety of scales. The class aims to encourage excitement and curiosity in the subject so that pupils will explore the world around them. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop the required skills to have an appreciation of the way people in society have influenced the World. Geography also encourages an understanding of social justice and environmental responsibility, allowing pupils to become responsible citizens.

The study of History encourages students to develop a wide variety of skills, with literacy being one of them. Few subjects are so clearly concerned with the basics of reading and writing as this one. In History, students will be encouraged to read a variety of source material from many different periods; in their responses, they will be expected to write clearly and fluently. Numeracy also plays a very important part of the curriculum and pupils will be expected to deal with graphs and tables of statistics. In recent years, ICT has become an increasingly important part of the course, and from Transition all students are expected to use word processing to present some of their findings and to have used the Internet as an aid to their research.

Modern Studies provides pupils with the platform to develop a range of important skills during their studies. These include handling and analysing complex data, adopting a structured approach to the study of contemporary issues and problems, constructing and sustaining lines of argument, evaluating evidence, detecting lack of objectivity and drawing and presenting conclusions in a balanced and structured way. Debate and discussion are ingrained in this subject and the importance of independent study and research is taught through Assignments and Dissertations.

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