Senior School

Beaconhurst Senior School provides children with the opportunity to flourish as young adults and fulfil their potential. Throughout their time in Senior School they will thrive academically and develop a range of life skills which will provide a robust platform for their future aspirations.

Senior 1 and 2 pupils build upon the experience of Transition and embark upon a broad-based academic education which will help inform each pupil of his or her strengths before selecting the optional subjects they may wish to take to external examination level.

Classes are small and pupils enjoy close personal attention from their teachers giving support, challenge and encouragement as necessary. Expectations remain high both in terms of effort and application, constantly ‘raising the bar’ in order that each individual continues to fulfil his or her potential.

The senior curriculum is continued in Senior 3 and 4 and is based on the study of eight subjects at National 5 level. Pupils are encouraged to keep their courses as broad as possible and this is supported with a flexible approach to timetabling.

English and Mathematics are compulsory and pupils will also normally study one foreign language, one Science and one Humanities subject, choosing the other subjects from a wide range of options selected to provide the best possible preparation for Higher courses in Senior 5 and 6.

The normal pattern is that pupils will study five Highers in Senior 5. However, our timetabling is sufficiently flexible as to allow a combination of subjects at levels that allow the majority of pupils to build on that achieved at the end of Senior 4. Pupils can opt to take further Higher courses in Senior 6 either to supplement or enhance their existing qualifications, whilst also choosing Advanced Higher Courses, involving extensive, in-depth study, which is ideal for those wishing to progress to university.

To ensure that all pupils in Senior 3 to Senior 6 have a rounded education a number of non-certificated courses will also be studied covering IT applications, Expressive Arts and Personal, Social and Health Education. Progress and attainment are regularly assessed and discussed at meetings pupils have with their Tutors. Feedback is given to parents through formal reports and parents’ evenings, but can also be sought at any time by contacting their child’s Tutor. Careers guidance is given at strategic points by specially trained staff and at all times we seek to work in partnership with parents for the benefit of each boy and girl.

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