Personal, Social and Health Education is integral to support a child’s development. It helps to develop self awareness and self esteem, to encourage understanding of and respect for others and enables them to make informed decisions about their lives.

PSHE is taught all through the school within Year Groups, with S5 and 6 meeting together and following a 2 year plan. Each Year Group has a specific classroom allocated for this purpose and access to computer rooms if further research is required. We use many digital resources and have a course of Paperless PSHE lessons which are also utilised.

PSHE helps individuals to acquire an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and to use this information to set targets and to make progress. It helps us to gain knowledge about various lifestyles and the way society works, as well as to evaluate these life styles and to develop a personal set of values. All these factors help to make rounded and resilient young adults.

In a sense, everything which happens in school, both inside the classroom and out, is concerned with the personal and social development of the pupils, but this document is concerned with what is covered in assemblies and the specific teaching in designated periods. In the senior school, this occurs mostly in year groups one period a week from 1.45-2.15 and in the house group which is also one half hour a week. In addition, there is one period of Social Education for S3 and S4, one period of enterprise in S5 and the Young Enterprise Scheme for S6.

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