Learning Support


Support for Learning is provided in both Nursery and Junior School. This takes the format of one to one support or small group support in the Learning Support department on in class support from one of the SLA staff. Support is provided for pupils with a wide range of additional support needs such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, auditory or visual processing difficulties or those requiring extension work to challenge their learning. A staged intervention process is used within nursery and the junior school to provide an inclusive approach which involves parents/carers, pupils, relevant school staff and other support services if required.

Senior School
Pupils who attend Learning Support in the Senior School will receive in-class support or be extracted from class in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, depending on their needs. The type of work they tackle will vary according to the individual and the stage they are at in their education. For example:

Transition – S2
Pupils may work through an individual programme suited to their particular difficulties and depending on their level of need, usually based around the core subjects of Mathematics and English Language, utilising a range of strategies including puzzles, games and computer programmes.

S3 – S6
The emphasis of the support provided changes from individually created programmes to assisting pupils with their mainstream classes in preparation for assessments and examinations. The provision remains flexible in the approach taken to meeting the needs of the pupil but we also take into account the special arrangements that will be put in place for formal examinations. These could include measures such as extra time, use of I.T., a reader or a scribe.

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