Junior School

Beaconhurst’s Junior School provides a robust foundation for our pupils to develop and grow into confident, mature young adults.

The School is a happy and caring environment where children engage fully in the rich diversity of the school experience, growing in self-awareness and self-confidence in readiness for the challenges that lie ahead in Transition and, beyond that, in Senior School.

Formal schooling begins in Junior 1 where pupils are introduced to the foundations of Literacy and Numeracy as well as a range of other subjects including Social Studies (Geography, History) and Sciences, Expressive Arts (Art, Drama, Music and Physical Education) and Religious and Moral Education.

Subjects are taught initially by the class teacher. However, the focus moves increasingly to subject specialists as pupils progress through the Junior School. This helps to ensure that a coherent course of study is followed and in practice produces a smooth progression from Junior to Senior School.

Information Technology is incorporated into the Junior School curriculum at all stages with pupils being encouraged to use the school’s computer suites as well as interactive whiteboards in class. Modern Languages are introduced from Junior 4 with pupils starting German and then picking up French from Junior 5. This is delivered by members of staff from the Modern Languages department who are fluent, and in many cases native, speakers. As a result, lessons are highly interactive, engaging and fun!

There is a programme of regular homework set throughout the Junior School and pupils are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning as they gain in experience and confidence. Each pupil is an individual learner and to develop this we have a Support for Learning Department which gives specialist input at all levels of the ability range: helping those experiencing difficulties as well as those who need to be challenged. This is done by qualified teaching staff and Support for Learning Assistants who are able to work with pupils in the classroom.

Outside the classroom, pupils are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities that take place either at lunchtime or after school. A Games Programme starts in Junior 6 which focuses on team sports and gives pupils the chance to represent the school in matches. The Junior School participates in a wide range of charitable activities and pupils develop an informed understanding of their responsibilities in society and ways in which they can become good citizens.

With an ‘open door’ policy, parents are kept informed of their child’s progress and can bring any questions or concerns quickly to the class teacher or Head of Junior School.

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