At Beaconhurst, the family atmosphere is fostered through our tutor groups and small class sizes. In the Senior School, each tutor sees a small group of approximately 12 mixed age pupils from Transition to S6 every morning and is a central point of contact throughout each pupil’s whole school journey at Beaconhurst.

Our Pastoral Care system ensures the safety, well-being and positive encouragement of all our pupils across the broad spectrum of activities, both academic and extra-curricular, which they encounter in the school day. Our ethos is based on the Beaconhurst Values of Empathy, Respect, Resilience, Ambition and Integrity. Pupils are encouraged to build positive working and social relationships founded on these values.

The Pastoral Care of all pupils is overseen by Mrs Haughton, Deputy Head – Pastoral, who leads the Pastoral Team of Heads of House and Tutors. The Pastoral Team communicates regularly with parents, other staff and the pupils themselves to ensure that a positive dialogue of self evaluation and target setting is always driving progress forwards and leading our pupils to become confident and responsible young adults.

Each age and stage can bring with it a different set of challenges as pupils grow and develop together, ultimately learning how to operate in a community. To support this process, each year group has a timetabled Health and Well-being period each week which is led by a year group tutor, who delivers up to date, age and stage relevant information and encourages discussion and sharing of ideas around this.

As pupils reach the upper end of the Senior Section, they are encouraged to take on leadership roles. The S4 year group act as mentors to the new Transition year group coming up to the Senior School and the 5th and 6th year act as prefects and coaches in a variety of areas, working with the younger pupils.

Again this creates a community in which the pupils get to know each other well and can confidently access support and achieve their potential in the knowledge that there is a robust network around them.

Learning Support

The Support for Learning Department is an integral part of the school. We are accessible to all pupils from Nursery to Senior 6 and we aim to cater for the specific needs of academically able children and those who need additional support to achieve their potential.

We work with all members of the school community to identify pupils in need of support; in collaboration with the relevant members of staff we strive to ensure that pupil support issues are investigated and addressed.

We pride ourselves on the positive, welcoming atmosphere within the Support for Learning Department and, by working in very small groups and with individuals, we strive to increase confidence and nurture successful learning. We also offer ‘Breathing Space Support’ to give pupils a break from the intensity of what can be an overwhelming schedule in a demanding academic environment.

The Pupil Support Department operates within a Staged Intervention process. This gives a framework in which we hope to best support our pupils; it is also the framework used in the State sector and therefore aids the transition of children joining Beaconhurst. In the Junior School, the Head of JS Pupil Support is also involved with all matters of pupil well-being. Pupil Support Plans are established for many reasons with a focus on the GIRFEC model and the SHANARRI indicators.

The Senior School provision works along similar lines to those detailed above. Our role is closely integrated within both the pastoral and academic provision of the Senior School. To this end, the Head of Senior School Pupil Support will work alongside the Heads of House and Heads of the academic departments to provide advice, support, co-ordination and feedback for those pupils in need of additional assistance.

To eliminate or alleviate difficulties, we endeavour to provide advice, targeted support and resources for all staff, pupils and parents in our school community.

We are increasingly involved with issues to do with the whole well-being of our pupils; we aim to support, encourage and guide those whose confidence and self-esteem may be fragile.

Our primary aim is the removal of barriers to learning which may be affecting the ability of our pupils to realise their potential in school. We believe every pupil should have the opportunity to be a confident, effective and successful individual.

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