Celebrating our history; planning for our future

Our History

At Beaconhurst, we are proud of our history. There has been a school on the current Bridge of Allan site since 1919, when The Beacon School for Girls was established. In the same year, a boys’ school called Hurst Grange opened in Stirling. In 1976 the two schools merged to form Beaconhurst Grange. The school crest, preserved today, combined the ‘hurst’ or wooded hill of Hurst Grange with the lighted torch of The Beacon.

Beaconhurst Grange ran as a boarding preparatory school until the early 1990s when the decision was taken to develop an all-through day school, providing high-quality education for pupils aged three to eighteen. The school site was developed to accommodate a Nursery, Junior School and Senior School, and was soon renamed simply ‘Beaconhurst’.

This new school had a vision for education where classroom teaching and learning is enhanced by a variety of Sports, Outdoor Education, and Expressive Arts—the roots of the extensive programme Beaconhurst offers today.


40 Years On

In September 2016, we celebrated 40 years as an all-through school. Although Beaconhurst is always evolving, you can still recognise the school from 40 years ago; primarily through the core values which have become embedded in the school community throughout the years.

Sandra Bannerman, the current Headteacher, says: “Pupils at Beaconhurst can pursue an educational route that is suited to their own strengths, interests, and passions—whatever form they take—with the support of staff who are genuinely committed and invested in our school and our values”.

As a result of this enduring ethos, Beaconhurst has become known for delivering a personal and flexible educational experience, delivered in an open and family-friendly environment.

Looking Forward

There is always a strong improvement plan in place at Beaconhurst; we ensure that the school adapts for new generations, whilst preserving Beaconhurst’s unique qualities.

The most recent updates to our facilities, in April 2017, include a new lighting rig, mixing deck and sophisticated sound system in Cameron Hall, and the development of the Golf Hub—a bespoke building hosting state-of-the-art golf simulators.

School improvements are also often informed by important threads in our history. For example, in Summer 2016 Expressive Arts—which has been promoted at Beaconhurst since the school’s origin—was made part of the core curriculum from Nursery through to S6, to ensure that pupils of all ages can express themselves through the Arts.

Furthermore, Beaconhurst has always valued participation in the local community. We enjoy developing our partnerships with the University of Stirling and the Macrobert Arts Centre, which provide fantastic opportunities for our students.

Finally, we are looking forward to the centenary of Hurst Grange and The Beacon in 2019—for which planning is already underway—when we will celebrate staff and students past and present who have made the last 100 years of Beaconhurst so successful.

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