The Beaconhurst Guidance System provides effective support for every pupil at every stage of their school careers, beginning in Junior Start and continuing through to Senior 6.

Each pupil in the Senior School has a tutor who offers one-to-one support and is the first point of contact for parents and teaching staff wishing to discuss the pupil’s academic progress and welfare. In both Junior Start and Junior School, the tutor role is fulfilled by the class teacher. Dialogue between tutor and pupil is frequent, ensuring that all students are continuously supported and assessed during the school year.

Pupils from Junior 1 to Senior 6 are assigned to one of the four House Groups: Brown, Cameron, Morton or Plant. The House System provides the opportunity for pupils to meet and collaborate with students of all ages from their House, fostering a sense of ownership, inclusion and identity. House activities include researching current affairs, fundraising for charity by organising events and taking part in Inter-House competitions.

Each pupil will therefore benefit from being in contact with older pupils from the Senior School. This replicates a family environment, where older siblings pass on their knowledge and provide reassurance to younger siblings going through the same system.

The positive relationships forged over the years between younger and older pupils—and between tutors, pupils and their parents—are a unique aspect of the Beaconhurst experience.

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