Beaconhurst embodies the ambition to succeed, the resilience to persevere, the empathy to understand, the integrity to commit and the respect to value all. These are the values we instil across our community.


At Beaconhurst our aim is for our pupils to be successful and have an earnest desire for self-fulfilment and achievement.


Resilience is an integral part of the Beaconhurst community. It starts in the Nursery and carries through to Senior 6. This ethos helps our pupils to remain positive and maintain diligence.


Empathy is being able to imagine how someone else feels from their point of view. Empathy develops from self-awareness and in encouraging this value, our children then learn how to be compassionate members of our caring community at Beaconhurst.


Integrity is a fundamental value at Beaconhurst. We give our pupils the responsibility and independence to pass on their experience to younger pupils to guide them to achieve the highest standards.


Respect is the final core value of our Beaconhurst community. “Respect – give it to get it.”

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