Headteacher’s Views: Exam Results 2017

Congratulations to our pupils who have achieved excellent exam results yet again this year! There are many highlights:

We are delighted for the S6 pupils who have achieved places on their chosen courses and we wish them all the very best as they embark on the next step of their journey.

We are particularly proud of our S4, National 5 results: A-C pass of 94% with A grades making up 52%.These statistics prove yet again that our enhanced Curriculum for Excellence model ensures that S4 pupils have the maximum opportunity for success.

Preparation begins in the Junior Section where subject-specialist teaching prepares the way for further up the school. The two class split for J6 offers flexibility for pupils to make sure that all needs are catered for to stretch and support pupils in preparation for Transition. Our Transition year, in place of Primary 7, sees pupils move to the Senior Section and full-time subject specialist teaching.

Pupils choose their subjects in S2 and by the time pupils reach S3 most of them are well placed to embark on our ambitious programme of 8 National 5s. Choosing 8 subjects keeps options open for Higher choices in S5. First class academic support, in a small school environment where teachers get to know pupils very well, makes this possible.

In the Beaconhurst context, these results are especially noteworthy. We do not believe in entrance tests. A paper test does not measure potential. Our curriculum model starts with the premise that all pupils can achieve great things. As well as ambition, this model has integrity.

I look forward to celebrating all of the exam successes with the pupils when term starts.

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